Overview of Playmobil Play Worlds

A play world is essentially a large-scale play environment based on an overarching theme (such as a Pirate Play World). Each play world is comprised of one or more building projects that are based on their own themes, but still related to their parent play world theme (such as a Treasure Island building project within the Pirate Play World). A building project can establish a specific region within the play world or it may have other distinguishing characteristics.

Playmobil City Play World

This building project was focused on establishing a contemporary urban environment comprised of buildings and structures providing common services and consumers. The resulting play world was very community-centric and relied on a number of basic infrastructure elements to allow the different parts and members of the community to interact.
Building Project Gallery: City Play World

Playmobil Pirate Play World

This play world was comprised of four building projects that combined to form an oceanic environment with islands and fortified buildings and the Village by the Sea, the largest Playmobil® structure we’ve built so far. When we first put this play world together, it just didn’t work to have all of these marine vessels sitting on flat, blue colored mats. We really felt that for this to be a proper pirate adventure world, the sea itself had to come to life. This inspired the use of the transparent blue Lego® pieces of which we used around 30,000. The pieces do sometimes fall on the floor when playing, but for the most part the traction from the mats limits how far they can move.
Building Project Gallery: Pirate Play World

Playmobil Western Play World

In the tradition of the Wild West, this play world was about cowboys, Indians and pioneers. A Western town with a train station connects to a plain with a frontier fort and a ranch. Another, smaller train station lies before a region of red rocks that leads to an Indian village and gold mines. As hard as it was to find unused vintage items for the Medieval Play World, it was even more challenging to locate some of these older Western Playmobil® sets. The best part about this play world was being able to incorporate a functioning electric train system. Even though we couldn’t connect the tables so that the tracks could form a circle or oval, it was great for the kids to have an automated train they could control as part of their adventures.
Building Project Gallery: Western Play World

Playmobil Dragonland Play World

This play world was comprised of three regions, each with its own medieval fantasy environment and scenarios. Each region is relatively distinct; however, all regions share a common cultural link to dragons. The Dragon Knight region exists in its own realm, which is why, in the play room, it was physically separated from the Asian Knight Outpost and the neighboring Falcon and Lion Knight regions. Although the gallery photos for these building projects mostly depict battle scenes, the Dragonland Play World lent itself well to adventures focused on exploration, trading and even diplomacy.
Building Project Gallery: Dragonland Play World

Playmobil Medieval Play World

“Life in the middle ages” was the premise of this play world. A medieval village is further connected to a forested region with two castles and various other structures. Key characters range from knights and guards to a mysterious cult and a township of villagers and farmers. This was the very first Playmobil® play world we put together. It was a lot of fun learning about and tracking down some of the vintage Playmobil® knight-themed sets from the 70s and 80s. The Steck system used by vintage castles and Tudor-style framework houses is great for putting together custom buildings. When you build Playmobil® sets that are 30 or so years old you get a real appreciation for the history of this product line.
Building Project Gallery: Medieval Play World