Playmobil Pirate Ship Raid & Ghost Pirate Attack

Spanning from the north east to the south east region of the sea is a stretch of water known as the “gauntlet”, primarily due to its reputation as a hunting ground for pirate gangs. Pirates favor this region to conduct raids on merchant and even military boats, mostly because it is isolated and fog-ridden, allowing pirate ships to sometimes close in on target vessels undetected. The more organized pirate gangs tend to perform raids in packs, whereby two or more pirate ships converge on a target vessel from different sides. These types of attacks can be so well coordinated and timed that two or more of the attacking ships board the target vessel at almost the same time, overwhelming its occupants.

There is, however, another, more compelling reason that the gauntlet region is so feared. Within its foggy midst lies an elongated island with strange tropical vegetation decorated with skulls and bones. This island was never given a name is typically just referred to as “the isle”. There have been many tales told about this place, and no one really knows which of these stories are actually true. But what has been commonly reported is sightings of glowing lights and figures that roam and hover throughout the island and its surroundings. What is also well known is that the island openly houses a large treasure hoard of mostly gold coins and artifacts. Some who have dared travel close to the island have claimed to have seen this large collection of treasure sitting openly on the island’s surface. However, no one has ever told a story of actually visiting the island and all of those who have previously announced they were going to visit the island were never heard from again.

Many speculate that this island is where the ghosts of fallen pirates assemble. This is further confirmed by that fact that nearby ships and islands have actually been raided by pirates that appeared to look and move like actuals ghosts. These attacks have been spearheaded by a ship that has clearly been wrecked but still floats with ease throughout the water. The notorious “ghost ship” emits a strong bluish light from its bow behind which the hooded leader of the ghost pirate gang controls attack formations without moving or noticeably communicating to others. Members of the gang include giant sea creatures that exhibit the same ghost-like features. Ghost pirate attacks are fast and efficient and there have been no reports of such attacks ever being successfully defended. Furthermore, the motivation behind these raids is often a mystery as the ghost pirates frequently do not even bother retrieving treasure from their victims. It has been rumored that ghost pirates only proactively attack those who wronged them in their previous lives.