Playmobil Western Town

Located in a central region and at the end-station of a primary railroad, this town receives frequent visitors, ranging from nearby miners, traders and colonial soldiers to various foreigners and the occasional misfits and actual villains. The east side of the town starts off with a school and a bank that often receives special attention during deliveries of valuable goods. Next is the local drug store that provides a wide variety of supplies and the stable where horses can be housed, fed and groomed for modest fees. The Colorado Springs passenger train station sits at the edge of town, and further offers a telegraph service on the top floor.

When trains arrive, there are both passengers and cargo that get loaded and unloaded. The cargo station on the west side of the train tracks is where various cargo are sorted and stored, most destined for other towns. Further along the west side of town is the local blacksmith and the Gold Miner’s Hotel, where just about all visitors stay for some period of time. Finally, the sheriff’s office and the saloon round out the buildings.