Playmobil Lion and Falcon Knights Battle

The Lion Knight empire was traditionally a dominant presence in these lands, once ruling all of the south region as part of their kingdom. Several decades ago, however, their flagship castle in the south west region found itself, unexpectedly, under siege by a large army of Falcon Knight soldiers. In a matter of days, the Falcon Knight army, led by an ambitious Dark Queen, overwhelmed the Lion Knights and took control of the castle. They retained control for several years while building a stronghold of their own in the south east region. By the time that new castle had been completed, a large gathering of Lion Knight troops from other regions had come together to reclaim the Lion Knight castle. The Dark Queen knew this day would come and when it became evident that a siege will occur, she ordered her soldiers to abandon the Lion Knight castle and transition to their new Falcon Knight castle. When the Lion Knight troops attacked their old castle, they found it eerily unoccupied. They subsequently inhabited the castle and set their sites on the Falcon Knights.

The Lion Knight troops were already assembled and prepared for a siege, so they continued on east to defeat the smaller army of Falcon Knights and their newly built but also smaller fortress. However, the siege was cut short when half-way toward the Falcon Knight castles, the marching troops came to a sudden halt at the sight of a large black dragon in their path. In front of the dragon stood the Dark Queen who demanded from the Lion Knight leaders that their troops withdraw and that they recognize, at the point where they were now standing, there to be a border between the Lion Knight kingdom and what the queen claimed as the new Falcon Knight kingdom. Failure to relinquish the eastern territory that had formerly been theirs would result in a grand battle with an army comprised of both knights and large dragons. Though there had been many tales of dragons once roaming their lands, the Lion Knights had never before actually seen one and it was the fear of this unknown that led them to submit to the Dark Queen’s demands.

The Dark Queen was originally an apprentice of the Dark Wizard from the dragon cult that once inhabited the Dragon Knight realm. She escaped the chaos of the Dragon Knight Feud using magic that enabled her to enter the lands of the Lion Knight kingdom. Her magic skills enabled her to assemble a respective army and she retains her connection with the large black dragon that she had been training at her previous home. So far, the Dark Queen is only able to make a projection of her dragon appear. However, a secret reconnaissance mission carried out by a Lion Knight scout revealed that the Dark Queen is preparing a ritual to soon summon her old back dragon from its current world to her territory. Genuinely concerned by this news, the Lion Knights organize a brazen heist whereby a pair of knights infiltrate the Falcon Castle, enter the Dark Queen’s workshop and steal her magic books, tools and artifacts. These are loaded into an armored carriage, which then speeds back to the Lion Knight castle, while being vigorously pursed by Falcon Knight guards. As they near the Lion Knight castle perimeter, a troop of mounted Lion Knights rush out to their aid.